How long will my Skate Skins last?

Skate Skins are built to last through an entire season and longer if cared for properly.  They provide protection to the skate itself and the adhesive is very strong. They may get chipped or nicked by blades but are built to last.

How do I install my Skate Skins?

Skate Skins have a universal fit that are designed to fit all makes & models of skates. It's as easy as peeling & sticking. Installation video coming soon.

Are my Skate Skins re-usable?

Skate Skins can be removed and re-applied as long as the adhesive is cared for and allows for it. If you plan to remove, store them in a cool dry place with nothing touching the adhesive. To re-apply, firmly bond the skin to the boot.

Do my Skate Skins come with a warranty?

Skate Skins offer a 30-day warranty from time of purchase. For warranty to be valid, you must supply photos via email to info@officialskateskins.com. From there, the submission will be sent for review.